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Angel Of Darkness 2

Sealed away for eons, the egg from an Injuu, a lusty tentacle demon, manages to escape its earthly confinement when an earthquake shatters its prison into tiny bits. Mad as hell (not to mention sexually frustrated after being incarcerated for all those years), it's out to get revenge! Now all it needs is a new host...

Unaware of the danger that awaits them, five lusty college students and their two chaperone professors set out to take in a little sun and lots of hot fun on a Seika College camping trip in the woods. Although they're supposed to be studying the plant life, they're much more interested in studying each other.

So when students Sanae and Takuya set out to "investigate" a private path on their own, Professor Fujino and her secret lesbian lover Akane are more than happy to be left alone. Hot and bothered, Professor Fujino takes a refreshing drink from a local spring, but it contains much more than just healthy minerals!

Now her body's been possessed by the Injuu and it's ready to have a little one-on-one sexual education with each of the unsuspecting campers. Miles away from any help, will the campers discover the true nature of this horny demon before it kills them all? ...

Movie: Angel Of Darkness 2

Production Co: PinkPineapple - KSS Media Entertainment K.K.

Duration: 70 min

Release: 1995

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